For me , Mission fish is an extended family . I go out with you guys once a year and it's soo refreshing and therapeutic to fish among fellow veterans . I am soo grateful for being an active participant in some of your events.
-Carlos Ruiz Jr
U.S. Army Veteran
I've been fishing since I was a kid with my dad. That was definitely right up there with one of the biggest fish I have ever caught. I'm very excited, that was a lot of fun, for sure.
U.S. Airforce Veteran
Mission Fish was outstanding! Great time with other veterans! We caught a lot of fish and the weather at Anacapa Islands was perfect! The BBQ afterwards was fantastic along with all the great raffle prizes! I highly recommend to all Vets and 1st Responders!
-Steve Sandberg
82nd Airborne Division ( Veterans)
I participated in Mission Fish Events several times in the past few years. I had an exciting time, and I especially enjoyed the comradery and celebration with fellow Veterans from all services and occupations. The events made it a good opportunity to share in the recognition, sacrifices, and memory of fellow veterans who were not there or no longer with us. I was utterly amazed on what a fantastic job the Mission Fish Staff, volunteers, and supporter did in the coordination of all the logistic requirements for such large events. At the end of the day, I was tired and worn out, but incredibly happy. The fishing was Fantastic!!! Thank you, Mission Fish!
-George Percy
U.S. Navy
I have been a first responder for 20 years in EMS. Last year I was invited on a trip with MiSSION Fish, my first time ever. Being on that boat for that day was what I needed, from being around others that I can share stories with, to being in the moment, caring only about whether or not I have a fish on the line. The comaraderie I felt the second I got there was amazing. Having the 11:11 ceremony to honor our fallen is just one of the ways the organization illustrates their commitment to showing respect. MISSION Fish creates that opportunity to heal for us to each time we head out on the water.
-Nicole Gonzales
First Responder